Thursday, June 28, 2012

OK I finally got a mani down. Im in love with it, but Im HATING my FINGERS. Im working on getting them cleaned up and pretty, its just hard with everything else. Anyhoo...this is one coat of Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Blue Me Away, with 2 coats of Pretty & Polished Sand Art. Of course a top coat, and I need to practice clean up of course, but I LOVE the sparkles in this glitter. I think it would look great over a yellow, or green, or even pink polish. Thats how much I LOVE it. Im really sad I only bought a mini. :-(
I think Im getting WAY better at the gap mani thing that I saw someone do on youtube. That gap was NOT made by cleanup. Hopefully I can keep this one alive till I do my 4th of July mani with P&P's Freedom Calling.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

So, I finished up a mani the other day before I started the outline to my latest English paper. I was gonna share, but I got sidetracked by watching Teen Wolf. HELLO DEREK. So here I am now with the pics of it. Its a pretty neat pink and green mani. Essie Poppy-Razzi with OPI Shatter the Scales. I was trying to use the China Glaze neon pink that I had, but it felt too heavy on my fingers, so off it went! I know my pics are kinda small, but Im still learning the ins and outs of the photo sizing stuff. Its amazing that a picture I take on my iPhone can be so frigging BIG when I transfer it to edit! CRAZY!

Im not sure what kind of mani I want next. I broke a nail today, and that made me mad. Plus I have to finish the paper for English, take a Psych quiz, and lots of other crap.

Monday, June 25, 2012


As if I need a new thing to play around with. I dont have time to spare as it is! But I am seriously giving the thought of making my own nail polishes a go. Heh. Thats kinda how my knitting hobby came around. In other news, it should not be this DIFFICULT to write four sentences! See, look, I just did it! WHY cant I do it for this gorram outline? ARGH.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Better clench up, Legolas!

So, last night my daughter took all 4 of us to see The Avengers. Can I just say, its one of the BEST movies Ive ever seen in a theatre. I enjoyed it so much. Even my 9 year old daughter was loving it, and she initially threw a tantrum about "I DONT LIKE SUPERHERO MOVIES I WANT TO SEE BRAVE" to which I responded in kind, "ITS MY BIRTHDAY AND IF I WANT TO SEE AVENGERS WE ARE SEEING AVENGERS NOW HUSH." I loved it. Then we went to Burger King, and I had to stop at HEB because it was MY BIRTHDAY DAMMIT and I wanted to procure some Bud Light Lime. Little did I know when I left I would be leaving with something I thought I would NEVER see in Texas.
The one and ONLY time Ive EVER had this was during our class trip to New Orleans in March. It was SO good. The waitress HIGHLY recommended it, and told us it had JUST come in season, so we all tried some. I was SO disappointed to find out that it wasnt available in Texas. So color me THRILLED when I saw a HUGE display of it in HEB. I wish I had more disposable income, because I would have bought WAY more than 2 6 packs. Ill just have to be stingy and NEVER EVER SHARE.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Its my birthday!

For it being my 36th birthday, I dont feel like 36. But my fingernails look like a birthday cake! I used the Pretty & Polished Jawbreaker I got yesterday while I was playing WoW, and I LOVE it. Pardon the messy fingers...Im just not that experienced with those fancy cleanups and stuff yet. Im just happy I have nails to PAINT that arent all chewed and splitty.
Ive got an exam to take, and possibly a paper to start writing, but I dont want to. Last night I was browsing nail polish and yarns, and I found this AWESOME AMAZING polish I just HAVE TO HAVE. It comes from Alta Costura Vernis on Etsy, and this is a picture of it from her shop. Holy COW how pretty is THIS??? This is NOT my picture, its from her Etsy shop, mind you. Finding this polish last night made me create a wish list page on this blog, and a current stash, because Im about to hit that point where drugstore colors just dont cut it anymore. I think Im off for now to start this exam, hopefully make an A on it, then spend the rest of the day doing I dont know what.

Friday, June 22, 2012

New Pretties!

Look what came today from Pretty & Polished! Im so excited! These are my first ones from her and Im going to try them out today! I dont have nail wheels to swatch on, so it just going to be my fingers! From left to right, I have minis of Sand Art, and Freedom Calling. Then full sizes of Hearts & Daggers and Jawbreaker. I know my camera skills arent the best, but my camera is on the charger, so I had to use the iphone to share the pretties. I shall show off the results later! <3
I am so frigging excited for the mail to get here today. Im waiting for my Influenster Mom Box to get here, and some nail polishes from Pretty & Polished too! I ordered them last week for my birthday, and tomorrow is my birthday, so hopefully I get them today! Im most excited about the Freedom Calling and the Hearts & Daggers glitters. Today will be spent finishing my English paper over Netflix vs. traditional movie theatres, taking a Psychology quiz, 2 more English quizzes, and a Psych exam. I could get away with just the paper, but I dont like the idea of doing homework on my birthday. Plus Ill be out of town on Monday when the exam is due, so better to knock it all out today, right? Im still working on figuring out the buttons and things. I think I linked the twitter one just fine, but not sure if I want to add the Facebook one yet. Till later...

Thursday, June 21, 2012

A self welcome back

The last time I blogged was in 2008. 4 years ago. All of a sudden today, I decided to start fresh. I used to blog daily, and was a huge part of a crapton of music blogs, forums, ect. Nowadays, things are different. But kinda the same. So Im starting all over again. So its time to re-introduce myself. Im Traci, a full time mom, and college student from Texas. I used to blog about music all the time, but now Im expanding my subjects. Im an avid knitter, video gamer, music buff, animal lover, and nail polish addict. So, if you happen to stumble across this pitiful little place of mine, say hi. Its like the first apartment you ever get on your own. It might be shabby, and furnished with concrete blocks and road cones, but eventually it will bloom into an awesome place. I dont really have a signature sign off, but Im sure Ill think of one, dolls. Till then, watch this space for more.