Sunday, June 24, 2012

Better clench up, Legolas!

So, last night my daughter took all 4 of us to see The Avengers. Can I just say, its one of the BEST movies Ive ever seen in a theatre. I enjoyed it so much. Even my 9 year old daughter was loving it, and she initially threw a tantrum about "I DONT LIKE SUPERHERO MOVIES I WANT TO SEE BRAVE" to which I responded in kind, "ITS MY BIRTHDAY AND IF I WANT TO SEE AVENGERS WE ARE SEEING AVENGERS NOW HUSH." I loved it. Then we went to Burger King, and I had to stop at HEB because it was MY BIRTHDAY DAMMIT and I wanted to procure some Bud Light Lime. Little did I know when I left I would be leaving with something I thought I would NEVER see in Texas.
The one and ONLY time Ive EVER had this was during our class trip to New Orleans in March. It was SO good. The waitress HIGHLY recommended it, and told us it had JUST come in season, so we all tried some. I was SO disappointed to find out that it wasnt available in Texas. So color me THRILLED when I saw a HUGE display of it in HEB. I wish I had more disposable income, because I would have bought WAY more than 2 6 packs. Ill just have to be stingy and NEVER EVER SHARE.

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