Friday, June 22, 2012

I am so frigging excited for the mail to get here today. Im waiting for my Influenster Mom Box to get here, and some nail polishes from Pretty & Polished too! I ordered them last week for my birthday, and tomorrow is my birthday, so hopefully I get them today! Im most excited about the Freedom Calling and the Hearts & Daggers glitters. Today will be spent finishing my English paper over Netflix vs. traditional movie theatres, taking a Psychology quiz, 2 more English quizzes, and a Psych exam. I could get away with just the paper, but I dont like the idea of doing homework on my birthday. Plus Ill be out of town on Monday when the exam is due, so better to knock it all out today, right? Im still working on figuring out the buttons and things. I think I linked the twitter one just fine, but not sure if I want to add the Facebook one yet. Till later...

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