Saturday, June 23, 2012

Its my birthday!

For it being my 36th birthday, I dont feel like 36. But my fingernails look like a birthday cake! I used the Pretty & Polished Jawbreaker I got yesterday while I was playing WoW, and I LOVE it. Pardon the messy fingers...Im just not that experienced with those fancy cleanups and stuff yet. Im just happy I have nails to PAINT that arent all chewed and splitty.
Ive got an exam to take, and possibly a paper to start writing, but I dont want to. Last night I was browsing nail polish and yarns, and I found this AWESOME AMAZING polish I just HAVE TO HAVE. It comes from Alta Costura Vernis on Etsy, and this is a picture of it from her shop. Holy COW how pretty is THIS??? This is NOT my picture, its from her Etsy shop, mind you. Finding this polish last night made me create a wish list page on this blog, and a current stash, because Im about to hit that point where drugstore colors just dont cut it anymore. I think Im off for now to start this exam, hopefully make an A on it, then spend the rest of the day doing I dont know what.

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