Wednesday, June 27, 2012

So, I finished up a mani the other day before I started the outline to my latest English paper. I was gonna share, but I got sidetracked by watching Teen Wolf. HELLO DEREK. So here I am now with the pics of it. Its a pretty neat pink and green mani. Essie Poppy-Razzi with OPI Shatter the Scales. I was trying to use the China Glaze neon pink that I had, but it felt too heavy on my fingers, so off it went! I know my pics are kinda small, but Im still learning the ins and outs of the photo sizing stuff. Its amazing that a picture I take on my iPhone can be so frigging BIG when I transfer it to edit! CRAZY!

Im not sure what kind of mani I want next. I broke a nail today, and that made me mad. Plus I have to finish the paper for English, take a Psych quiz, and lots of other crap.

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