Thursday, June 21, 2012

A self welcome back

The last time I blogged was in 2008. 4 years ago. All of a sudden today, I decided to start fresh. I used to blog daily, and was a huge part of a crapton of music blogs, forums, ect. Nowadays, things are different. But kinda the same. So Im starting all over again. So its time to re-introduce myself. Im Traci, a full time mom, and college student from Texas. I used to blog about music all the time, but now Im expanding my subjects. Im an avid knitter, video gamer, music buff, animal lover, and nail polish addict. So, if you happen to stumble across this pitiful little place of mine, say hi. Its like the first apartment you ever get on your own. It might be shabby, and furnished with concrete blocks and road cones, but eventually it will bloom into an awesome place. I dont really have a signature sign off, but Im sure Ill think of one, dolls. Till then, watch this space for more.

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